Sony PS4: $100 Cheaper – Trying To Beat Xbox One In Price War


As a PlayStation fans, I certainly agree that Sony has made a great move this time in order to seize more buyers. Prior to E3, Sony planned to priced their PS4 for $500, which is equal to Xbox One offering.

However, later Sony decided to excluded their PS Eye and slash the priced down to $399. In fact, the PS Eye when you buy it separately, it’s cheaper at $60 a pop. It’s wise decision to exclude the exclusive bundle to help gamer save money on the initial purchase, and making competition looks much better on Sony’s side.

Most gamers (including me) are not really attracted to the extra peripheral, unless there are some exclusive titles that could fully make use of the PS eye and PS Move.

Sony would release this Standard Edition in this Dec 31, which is one month after Xbox One release date on November. Those gamers who’ve got some cash to burn would definitely buy both of the consoles. However, if you are willing to wait, You can get a $100 cheaper next gen console by getting the PS4 instead.



EcoBOOMER iGo Electric Unicycle

If riding a unicycle sounds tough for you, you can ease your mind when you are with this new EcoBOOMER iGo. It’s also a unicycle, but it has a special motor that will help you balance the ride. It’s one of the coolest unicycle in this 21st century and one of the most eco-friendly vehicle you can find in 2013. It’s 100% electric, can self-balancing, capable of speeding at top speed of 13 mph, and per full charge of the internal battery could take you 26 – 39 miles away (depend on the speed).


EcoBOOMER iGo has a 500-watt electric motor to allow 13mph speed, a color-changing LED lighting to make people aware of your existence when riding at night, and 2 fold-up feet pads for added comfortability. Here is a video demo if this electric unicycle. Sadly, the pretty girl is not brave enough to step on the feet pads. It makes riding on it looks painful :) (because she has to lift both her feet on the entire demo!

Check it out at Hammacher!


Super Big Inflatable Beach Ball

Summer is getting close, lots of people has started to prepare their summer beach stuffs so they can have fun when the time has come. We have seen a lot of cool stuff like the Aviva Iceberg where grown up could to play in the shore or river, but it’s not that child-friendly.

If you decided to take your kids, nephews, or neighbors’ kids to play minus the dangerous stuff, plus some crazy fun stuff, you will want to check out this weird but fun MASSIVE BEACH BALL.


I should’ve called it a GIANT BALL instead.

Despite of its look, this 10′ ball is pretty light. Kids can play with it with no problem at all. It’s just that they can’t throw it far away anymore without getting buried.

LOL. Yeah, you can’t kick this ball at all because it’s too big. It could be pretty heavy for toddlers/underages, so don’t bring them if you don’t what to hurt them.

One thing that is quite important is that you’ll need a pump to inflate this shit. Try it by blowing, and you are going to feel like filling the abyss! :)

Anyway, if you like this GIANT Beach ball for your summer fun, you can check it out at ThinkGeek.


The Giving Tree Sticky Pad

Yet another unique sticky note. Haven’t seen any in awhile, but this “Giving Tree” sticky pad pulled my attention.


It’s small, rounded, tree trunk shaped sticky pad. I believe they call it Giving Tree with some hidden meaning. For me, the designer is trying to tell us that each sheet of the sticky note should be respected as it’s made with tree. Never waste them for fun.

  • Designer: Chang Bong Heo
  • Size: 80x120x30mm (1 packet)
  • Color: White / Brown
  • Material: ABS / PVC / Paper
  • 2 pads per order

Availability: The Fancy



KettlePizza: Transforms Your Kettle Grill Into An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Feeling like to grill a Pizza but you have no outdoor pizza griller to use? Well, there is a nice tool that could turn your ordinary 18.5″ or 22.5″ kettle grill into an outdoor pizza maker.


It’s called KettlePizza, a tool that you can slip into the middle of the kettle grill and transform it into a full blown outdoor pizza oven. It’s pretty cheap too, especially when comparing to any outdoor electric/wood-fired pizza oven. What’s cool is that it allow you to transform your existing kettle grill into something else.


This KettlePizza is compatible with flavor-enhancing hardwoods, charcoal or both combination. Constructed with durable 20 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel and it includes stainless sleeve, handles, thermometer and aluminum pan in the box.

Of course, if you haven’t got any kettle grill, you would still need to invest on that. That would add around $80 – $100 to the price, but it’s definitely much cheaper than any version that you can find out there.

There is also a deluxe version that add pizza peel and baking stone to the package. You can find all of the details over at Amazon.

Price estimation:

  • $150 – $220 (without kettle grill)
  • $220 – $320 (with kettle grill)