Toy: Reducing Stress by Slingshoting Animals

Amazon have a cool name for this toy: “Flying Screaming Slingshot Cow!”

Pretty funny to read and kinda cruel. Although this piece of toy cost you $6.60 only, it’s indeed a great joy playing it. Especially for surprising people around your office just like this movie:

Basically, this toy really “Flying and Screaming” when you slingshot it. Best toy to reduce stress and making fun of others. There is several animal models and voices available at amazon store.

Flying Screaming SlingShot Pig:

Flying Screaming SlingShot Duck:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Monkey:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Frog:

Cow and chicken also available but I can’t find the movie for you right now. May be after you buy it, you can upload the video and share it for us? 😉

If you have spare money, get one or two of them would give you another laugh when stress.

Find out more at Amazon. Each animal have a different pricing. So, just browse around the store and see which animal you would prefer to have.


Black+Blum Thermo Pot – No More Cold Food, Unless You Want It

For those who are buying with their business, it’s a rare sight for them the cook their meal 2/3 times a day. Usually, busy people will cook once in the morning and never cook ago. Medically speaking, it’s not healthy at all to eat cold meal, especially a supper. However, thanks to the advancement in food storage technology, people are allow to store their food and keep them warm for a long time, without using microwave.


This new Stainless Steel Vacuum Food container/flask is one of the most popular and high quality device to keep your food warm for a long time. It’s perfect for storing hot porridge, soup, or cold icy drinks. It also comes with a stainless steel spoon and magnetic holder at the side of the vacuum flask

It comes with 10 years guarantee of the vacuum, and it has biodgradable cork, polypropylene and silicone top with minimal thread detail, which mean you’ve no need to spin and spin and spin to open the cover.

They call this food container as Black+Blum Thermo Pot and it’s current on sale at Amazon. Check the latest price directly on Amazon.


Optimus Aux keyboard – New Art Lebedev Creation

Feeling that Optimus Mini Six keyboard is not enough for you to explore? Then you should check out this new series of Optimus keyboard created by the same artist (Art Lebedev).


This is the new Optimus Aux Keyboard. Similar with all of the previous keyboards from the same creator, Optimus Aux is coming with OLED screens embedded on each keys. There are 15 keys available for you to customize, which is 2.5x bigger than Optimus Mini six.

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LaserSaber: The Cool LightSaber From Wicked Lasers

Interesting thing that has caught my attention last weekend is this new lightsaber from Wicked lasers. It’s really a “light saber” minus the zapping sounds and the company is calling it as “LaserSaber”.


Wicked Lasers Lasersaber is selling for $99.95, which is kind of a low cost light saber that you can purchase. What’s cool is that lasersaber is capable of reacting with other lasersaber when they’ve clashed each other. According to the source, this lasersaber has a 32-inch strong polycarbonate blade and smooth light up and down effect. It also has a hard anodized T6061 aircraft grade aluminum hilt to make this lasersaber a better lightsaber.

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Lytro Ligh-Field Camera Hits The Stores Soon


Lytro Light-Field Camera is going to roll out soon at Amazon, Target and BestBuy online stores. This camera is known as the best and unique camera for refocusing picture after it’s taken, and you’ll be able to take picture with interesting features. The best of all, like the name has suggested, Lytro light-field camera captures the entire light field in every direction in every point in space. Thus, it allows picture to be refocused after it’s been taken.

“The camera gives creative photographers unique capabilities like refocusing a picture after it’s taken and creating living pictures that amaze friends and family when shared online. Lytro has also recently announced availability for Windows OS, added accessories and is now generally available for customers.”


Lytro Light-field camera will be available exclusively at Lytro online store, afterward, you can get it at the trio online retailers mentioned above. Sadly, the company haven’t leaked out the pricing information yet. But news said that Lytro camera will be available not just in the U.S., but also planning to hit the world market including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. Let’s wait for it or keep checking on this amazon page.

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