Super Big Inflatable Beach Ball

Summer is getting close, lots of people has started to prepare their summer beach stuffs so they can have fun when the time has come. We have seen a lot of cool stuff like the Aviva Iceberg where grown up could to play in the shore or river, but it’s not that child-friendly.

If you decided to take your kids, nephews, or neighbors’ kids to play minus the dangerous stuff, plus some crazy fun stuff, you will want to check out this weird but fun MASSIVE BEACH BALL.


I should’ve called it a GIANT BALL instead.

Despite of its look, this 10′ ball is pretty light. Kids can play with it with no problem at all. It’s just that they can’t throw it far away anymore without getting buried.

LOL. Yeah, you can’t kick this ball at all because it’s too big. It could be pretty heavy for toddlers/underages, so don’t bring them if you don’t what to hurt them.

One thing that is quite important is that you’ll need a pump to inflate this shit. Try it by blowing, and you are going to feel like filling the abyss! :)

Anyway, if you like this GIANT Beach ball for your summer fun, you can check it out at ThinkGeek.


CruxSKUNK: Thinnest iPad Keyboard Case by Crux

Crux has introduced us to their newest iPad keyboard case called CruxSKUNK. Oh, SKUNK? Well, not that smelly black and white skunk. CruxSKUNK is actually the coolest stuff you want to own and be proud of it if you are Apple iPad fans. No smelly stuff, just a pure awesomeness which has been crafted with airplane grade aluminum.

This keyboard case is only 6mm thin, yet it still very durable and the anodized gives the same feel as a Macbook Air.


This CruxSKUNK iPad Keyboard case features four modes in total:

  • Laptop Mode: which allows use of the keyboard.
  • Movie Mode: great for watching movies and videos.
  • Tablet Mode: great for reading books or magazines.
  • Carry Mode: when not in use the CruxSKUNK™ closes up and protects your iPad’s® screen from nicks and scratches.
  • Compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4.


Pre-Order: $179 Sold out!
MSRP: $210
Source: The Fancy


Geographical Globe With Self-Rotation and Night Mode

If you’ve seen the night time of our Earth, you’ll know how beautiful it is. You can freely browse around the most popular continents using Google Map night mode, but if you are lazy opening your tablet or laptop, here is a practical substitution in case you love the night time globe.


This is a self-rotating geographical globe with interesting night mode. So when the light in off, you can clearly see the globe glowing, like the one you’ve seen on Google Earth or Maps. There is a specific name to call this globe: “The City Lights 10-inch Globe”, which clearly tell you that the glows and illumination will coming from the large cities, not the grounds without inhabitant. It’s magnificent for desk decoration, at home, study room, or in the office.

Chinese believed that if you’ve a mini globe on your desk and you keep playing (rotating) it frequently when you have time, your businesses will go around the globe as well. If you believe this type of superstitious as well, this version is convenient and practical because it will rotate by itself without your intervention (means businesses are running passively now? Interesting.)


Anyway, it will looks just like a normal self-rotating 10-inch globe in the day light. The effect will live only when the room is dim or night time has come. If you are interested, this Illuminated City Lights Globe is priced at $60, but I’m sure you’ll get a better price at Amazon ($37, at the time of publishing this article.)


Cool Coffee Table Aquarium – The Ultimate Living Room Decoration For Fish Lover


Imagine if you have this coffee table in your living room, all your friends will be amazed and I believe you’ll proud of it as well. This coffee table aquarium is definitely nice looking, all transparent (except the base), and it’s a combination of beveled glass and clear sturdy acrylic wall. The official name is “Midwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee Table”, which you can find it selling for around $1000 at various place.


Specification wise, this coffee table aquarium is capable of storing 25 gallon of water, has the dimension of 24 x 24 x 15-1/2 H, has a wide 36 square glass top (solid 3/8′), and it has come complete with anything you need to pet fish. Obviously, that is excluding the water and the fishes! No idea if the fish would still alike or not if it’s shipped altogether. :)

Anyway, here is what you’ll get in the big package (101 pounds shipping package!):

  • The coffee table aquarium
  • Lighting equipment
  • Decorative plants
  • Extension cord
  • Two-stage submersible filter-pump
  • One instruction book to setting up the aquarium

All left is to put pour the water and put the fish of your choice into the aquarium, plug the cable, close the glass cover and there you go, a beautiful aquarium table for your living room. The design of the aquarium table allows you to feed the fish through the center areas of the 4 sides. The sides have notches (around 1/2 inch) where you can slip your finger inside to feed the fishes. There is no need to remove the entire 36-inch glass top to feed them everyday.

TheFancy has this item for $1000 with around 3 weeks of shipping time. But I found out that Amazon has the same item and it’s selling for $200+ less, around $680+ only and the shipping take shorter time as well. Check them out if you are interested. Depend on your buying preferences, I would go for the best price that will take shorter time to arrive. 😉


Amazing Flat Shelves For Minimalist Home

Shelf design is not always have to be so space-eating. There are a lot of amazing shelves design right now for the contemporary and minimalist house design. The latest one that I fall in love with is this Shelves called Klaffi.


If you are living in a tiny room like myself, you’ll really love this type of shelves that could be flatten to the wall. Yes, FLATTEN to the wall. As you can see from the picture above, the shelves is all foldable. Each of them stand individually, can be fold up when not in use. Based on the specification, it could hold a full stack of magazine, which I think is impressive. I believe the there is an extra work in the hinge to allow the flat board to stand horizontally even there is a heavy stuff above it.

Oh, don’t be fooled by the picture into thinking that the shelves are joined together. It’s actually coming in one long vertical shelves and if I’m correct, the picture above show you the combination of 5 different Klaffi shelves and sizes.


It can be used not only for hosting books, it also good for electronic, cookware, accessories, or even your boozes collection. I found this on the Fancy for $1100, but you can find more details at the several merchant sites and designer page as well.