For Apple Die-Hard Fans: iPhone App Paintings

Being a fans means that you’ll love everything. Including a dull shaped painting of zoomed app icons, that means nothing but a iconic fanatism. I’m certainly one of them, and you don’t wanna blame me if I’ve got bunch of these guys (the App paintings) screwed all over my pale walls.


Okay, these App paintings are absolutely the state of arts for Apple die-hard fanatic-fans as they are the only things which has been passed down from generation to generation. You can immediately figure out the app logo design in the first look about what it is, and you can easily identify the owner of these painting as yet another Apple fans.

The painting itself is not made with any half-ass materials, too. According the specs, the iPhone app paintings are printed onto Italian artist canvases, by using the latest digital printing technology to guarantee the highest quality ever. Hang on the wall and it will last for years without fading.

In a pack of 16 paintings, you can bring ’em back for $280 via The Fancy. You can also go here for more info.


Black+Blum Thermo Pot – No More Cold Food, Unless You Want It

For those who are buying with their business, it’s a rare sight for them the cook their meal 2/3 times a day. Usually, busy people will cook once in the morning and never cook ago. Medically speaking, it’s not healthy at all to eat cold meal, especially a supper. However, thanks to the advancement in food storage technology, people are allow to store their food and keep them warm for a long time, without using microwave.


This new Stainless Steel Vacuum Food container/flask is one of the most popular and high quality device to keep your food warm for a long time. It’s perfect for storing hot porridge, soup, or cold icy drinks. It also comes with a stainless steel spoon and magnetic holder at the side of the vacuum flask

It comes with 10 years guarantee of the vacuum, and it has biodgradable cork, polypropylene and silicone top with minimal thread detail, which mean you’ve no need to spin and spin and spin to open the cover.

They call this food container as Black+Blum Thermo Pot and it’s current on sale at Amazon. Check the latest price directly on Amazon.


PowerFlask Mobile Charger

Why buy portable battery charger that shaped like a nerdy items when you can get it in some kind of better form? If you are trying to get a new mobile charger for your mobile devices, you can free yourself from getting those unfashion flat squarish block of battery by getting this PowerFlask mobile charger instead!


PowerFlask is a cool battery charger that delivers enormous amount of charging power (13000mAh in total) that should enough to rejuice your smartphone several times before you need to recharge it. 13000mAh is HUGE, about twice amount of a standard tablet’s battery,  or about 3-4 times of standard smartphone battery.

Thankfully, even it’s HUGE, it doesn’t mean that PowerFlask charger is bulky and “blocky”. The company creatively mask the battery into a cool booze flask, those who don’t know what it is will think that you are a booze-lover bringing booze flask in your pocket.


PowerFlask is coming with two USB ports with each for tablet and phone (2.5A for tablet, and 1A for phone). You can charge 1 tablet and two smartphones at once using the provided cables.


As a bonus feature, PowerFlask has two built-in ultra-bright flashlight LEDs that you can use it for emergency purpose. The switch is on the left, together with the battery indicator. If you are interested, you can check it out at TheFancy.


Auto Mee S – Smartphone and Tablet Screen Cleaning Robot

The most annoying thing as a tablet owner is that you’ll have to clean the screen every moment you try to use it. The silky smooth surface is sooo fingerprint friendly and attract lots of dust if you are working in a crowded environment. I’ve always prepared a piece of special fabric with me so I can use it for cleaning the dirty surface every time I want to use it. However, sometimes when I was in a very busy state, I don’t even bother to clean it anymore. Result? Well, the screen get very oily and full of dirt/fingerprint each night when I want to recharge the tablet. It took awhile to really clean it up if it is in this state. I keep wonder if there is a solution where the tablet can automatically self-cleaning, so whenever I pick it up, it would be a clean toy to play with.

Well, Takara Tomy has the answer for me, and for you as well if you are falling to the same condition as mine. The AUto Mee S is a new cleaning robot that will automatically clean our tablet device. Actually, it works with all flat surface gadget such as smartphone, PMP, MID, or even your laptop display (if it could be flatten to desk).


Auto Mee S is shaping like an air freshener tube, but it function like Roomba cleaning robot. It has the intelligent to detect edges to prevent fall off, and could practically clean an iPad in the matter of few minutes, without your intervention.

According to the seller page, Takara Tomy Auto Mee S cleaning robot can clean up to 90+% of debris and dust, except some persistent dirt that you should put some pressure to scrub before it go away.

Where to buy: JapanTrendShop and Amazon


MPOWERD Luci – Inflatable Solar Lantern


If you’ve attended the CES 2013, you might have seen this cool little gadget called MPOWERD Luci. It’s a portable and inflatable Solar lantern that you can bring it to your camping events. Like the name has suggested, MPOWERD Luci is a flat piece of solar lantern that you can pop it up to get a brighter illumination. What I really like is the disc-shape flat lantern that I can easily slip it into my camping bag. Also, since it’s flat, I can bring handful of them to brighten up my camp site.

According to the specification and claims, MPOWERD Luci can provide light source for up to 6-12 hours per full charge using 10 bright white LEDs with around 80 LUMENS brightness level. It can be recharge back by sun for about 8 hours and each full charge can maintain about 3 months of standby power.

Here is the detail feature of MPOWERD Luci Solar Lantern:

  • Can be used as a task lamp, a diffused lantern, and a collapsible portable light all-in-one
  • Have 3 light settings – dim, bright and emergency flashing
  • Can be charged under direct sunlight and incandescent light
  • Waterproof PVC enclosure – suitable for all weather conditions
  • Eco-friendly and safe alternative to batteries and candles
  • Represents an eco-friendly, real-world solution to the lack of electrical lighting in developing countries
  • Charge time of 8 hours yields a minimum of 6-12 hours of light
  • Maintains single charge for up to 3 months
  • Minimum lifespan of 2 years
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack can be charged while collapsed or expanded
  • Buy One, Give One program – For each one purchased, MPowerd pledges to send one to someone in a developing country
  • Great for camping, power outages, vehicle safety, parties/restaurants, survival, and more


Head on over to Firebox for more info and pricing details.