Angry Birds Swimming In The Air!

Winter holidays is near, have your kids got something fun to play with? Get the a new console games might be a nice idea, but let them have some sort of active fun playing real toys is way better. If your kids love Angry Birds, I’ll suggest this new Air Swimmers Angry Birds RC Toy. They are cute, could fly anywhere indoors, and controllable. Get few of them at once and your kids can start the Angry birds party.


Beside as a toy, you can even use them as a nice interactive decoration as well. Just make sure the ceiling are clear from sharp thorny ornaments (so it won’t pop when hitting the ceiling).

This Angry Birds Air Swimmers features the following:

  • Giant, inflatable, flying Angry Birds Red Bird (4ft 8 inches with tail)
  • Requires 4x AA batteries (included)
  • Radio controlled handset – requires 1x 9v battery (included)
  • Radio controlled frequency
  • Auto Swim mode for anyone to fly
  • Complete 360 degree turning movement
  • Will stay inflated for weeks
  • Can be refilled again and again
  • Neutral buoyancy from the helium means it is very easily controlled, and can move in small spaces
  • Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
  • Range: Up to 40 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 57 inches (4ft 8 inches)
  • Height: 36 inches (3ft)

When you receive this Angry Birds, like any air swimmers you’ve seen, you’ll have to fill the balloon with helium gas before it can float around. You can either buy a portable helium tanks, or just visit the local party store to ask the gas refill for some price.

This Air Swimmers Angry Birds RC Red Bird is available at three locations:


Mr. Clock Radio – The Sleepy Head

Don’t you agree this clock looks like a sleepy head? Oh, It’s not cute and not cool at all, not after you’ve seen what he is capable of. :)

Let this Youtube explain everything:

Oh, Hmm… I still think Mr. Clock Radio is a sleepy head. But hey! He has awesome features and mecha voice to ruin our nice morning sleep! His eyes blinks, Neck Spinning, Head Glowing, it also make some India head dance!

You can play your MP3s through him, he can wake you up 30 different ways, he can even tell your fortune! Mr Clock Radio is probably the most entertaining clock you’ve ever seen. He moves his head, blinks his eyes and he speaks with a friendly robotic voice that will even warn you if you hit snooze too many times. Includes AC adapter.

I’m sure he will do his job well to wake us up. If you find Mr. Clock Radio interesting and would allow him to ruin your morning, Check out more detail spec on for $88 or for $68.95 only!


ADATA 64GB USB 3.0 High Speed Flash Drive

Haven’t had the chance to play with USB 3.0 interface? Well, you should jump to this new standard already. I’m sure once you’ve switch to USB 3.0, you won’t look back anymore because transferring anything is blazing fast. Most of the recent laptop or system has supported USB 3.0 and it’s really a waste if you are style using USB 2.0 flash drive or storage (I hope not!).

If you haven’t own any USB 3.0 drive, here is a cool recommendation. Get yourself the latest ADATA 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive which over you an amazing 200MB/sec data reading time and 95MB/sec data writing time.


ADATA Elite (UE700) is a cool aluminum flash drive with etched pattern. It’s slim, durable and it’s using capless design to prevent losing the cap. Like most USB flash drive, ADATA also offer lifetime warranty to remove the risk from their customer. Of course, they will not guarantee your data! So you have to make sure to backup your data to different places to be safe.

Availability: Amazon


Designer Sleeves – Funky Protection for your Notebook

Remember the DIY laptop sleeves from Skooba that I’ve covered few days ago? It’s for you who have that time and have those skills to draw your art and creation on the sleeve surface. What if you don’t have the skill (or lazy to draw yourself) while demanding on a cool designer sleeves?

Well, it’s easy as long as you have budget in your pocket. :) serve this needs. Whenever you feel lazy to draw by yourself with DIY laptop sleeve, just fire up your firefox and browse though them. currently have 47 fabulous designs awaiting for you to choose. Here is some example of designer sleeves laptop cases:

Stylish, Artistic, funky and cool designs. Although some of the designs are simple photoshop creation, they ‘ve solved your lazy problem anyway… So what’s the problem? :)

Designer Sleeve Laptop Cases are a fun yet functional way to protect your laptop computer. Designer Sleeves Laptop Cases are composed of thick, durable neoprene rubber that cushions your laptop for maximum protection. The sleek design safely slides in and out of your backpack, briefcase or luggage with ease.

They are perfect for life on campus, business travel, everyday work, or vacation. Best of all, the natural rubberized feel of the wet suit material is fun and functional, while providing natural moisture, shock and scratch protection.”

There are 3 sizes available to choose. Just go and find out your favorite in Gallery. Have fun choosing! :)

[found (and extended) on]



BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – It’s Rugged, Loud, and Portable!

Fancy for a new bluetooth wireless speaker for your office or home? Check out this new BeatBlock speaker!


It’s not the coolest kid in town, but BeatBlock pretty loud for the size of it. It’s just about as wide as an iPhone and 1.5x longer. You can easily carry it around and each full charge could score for hours of playtime.


The specification said that BeatBlock is “Ultra Powerful”, but I wouldn’t go as far as “ultra” goes. It’s just that if you tune your song in one room, you can definitely hear it clearly in the kitchen, living room or bathroom (if you let the door half open).

Indeed, it outperformed most speaker. it’s loud and clear, but I wouldn’t say that it has amazing sound quality as well. It’s just acceptable, but not on the level that will discourage your mood.

BeatBlock is definitely interesting for those who dislike bulky speaker with tangling cable. If you are interested, you can check it out at Amazon. I saw that out of 17 reviewers, 15 people rate it 5 stars (a good indication that people love it!).