EcoBOOMER iGo Electric Unicycle

If riding a unicycle sounds tough for you, you can ease your mind when you are with this new EcoBOOMER iGo. It’s also a unicycle, but it has a special motor that will help you balance the ride. It’s one of the coolest unicycle in this 21st century and one of the most eco-friendly vehicle you can find in 2013. It’s 100% electric, can self-balancing, capable of speeding at top speed of 13 mph, and per full charge of the internal battery could take you 26 – 39 miles away (depend on the speed).


EcoBOOMER iGo has a 500-watt electric motor to allow 13mph speed, a color-changing LED lighting to make people aware of your existence when riding at night, and 2 fold-up feet pads for added comfortability. Here is a video demo if this electric unicycle. Sadly, the pretty girl is not brave enough to step on the feet pads. It makes riding on it looks painful :) (because she has to lift both her feet on the entire demo!

Check it out at Hammacher!


Franklin Shoot Again Basketball – Indoor Mini Basketball Ring

Winter sometimes force people to stay indoor more than outdoor. Have outdoor activities is always better, but if the winter is especially cold, indoor activities are the only thing you can do. There are a lot of things you and your kids can do actually, such as play cards, board games with family, have Xbox Halo 4 sessions, or PS3 Sport Champions 2 that was just released couple of weeks ago, or even play physical games such training/practicing golf putting, or indoor mini basketball.

Taking about basketball, here is an interesting basketball ring with ball feedback system that you can hang it on your wall or door. The feedback system will automatically return the basketball which has been properly scored into the ring. The net is tightly seen with the feedback system, so the ball only has only one way out.


Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball Hoop Set:

  • Size: 28″ X 17″ X 13″, Authentic plexi-glass style basketball backboard with automatic ball feeding system
  • Electronic scoring and time clock, Authentic announcer sounds, Requires 4 “C” size alkaline batteries (NOT included)
  • Improve your game with repetitive shooting action, Ball return manually rotates 180 degrees to take shots from all positions on the court, Spring loaded rim
  • Includes 1 foam basketball, Fits most doors
  • Fun for ages 7+

Although it’s not the real size basket, you (or your kids) could have some fun. It still require a good sense of direction before they can score anything. Since the ball is lighter, it’s even more difficult for adult to control their power when shooting when in the sitting down position. Well, it’s one of many choices for having fun in the winter holidays.

Price: $39.99


PowerFlask Mobile Charger

Why buy portable battery charger that shaped like a nerdy items when you can get it in some kind of better form? If you are trying to get a new mobile charger for your mobile devices, you can free yourself from getting those unfashion flat squarish block of battery by getting this PowerFlask mobile charger instead!


PowerFlask is a cool battery charger that delivers enormous amount of charging power (13000mAh in total) that should enough to rejuice your smartphone several times before you need to recharge it. 13000mAh is HUGE, about twice amount of a standard tablet’s battery,  or about 3-4 times of standard smartphone battery.

Thankfully, even it’s HUGE, it doesn’t mean that PowerFlask charger is bulky and “blocky”. The company creatively mask the battery into a cool booze flask, those who don’t know what it is will think that you are a booze-lover bringing booze flask in your pocket.


PowerFlask is coming with two USB ports with each for tablet and phone (2.5A for tablet, and 1A for phone). You can charge 1 tablet and two smartphones at once using the provided cables.


As a bonus feature, PowerFlask has two built-in ultra-bright flashlight LEDs that you can use it for emergency purpose. The switch is on the left, together with the battery indicator. If you are interested, you can check it out at TheFancy.


Everpurse – Stylish Lady Purse That Could Recharge Smartphone

A new lady purse made by Dan Salcedo is now capable of recharging smartphone while leaving no trace of biggie battery that looks odd. It’s very cool for ladies who love something beautiful and avoid carrying big flat battery around in order to prolong their smartphone’s battery.


This is the Everpurse – a lady purse with built-in battery for extra juice for smartphone. It’s stylish and hi-tech because it comes with Qi standard inductive charging to refill the battery juice. You’ll find no wire or port for recharging because all you need is to put the purse on a charging pad to refill the battery.


When you want to charge your smartphone, all you have to do is open the zip, slide in your phone (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3) to the pocket and the phone will be recharge automagically. The purse has enough juice to recharge your phone for 0% to 100% twice per full charge on the charging pad. It’s really useful for hardcore business women who receives bunch of long duration calls everyday. There is no need to bring large battery or stay close to the power outlet all the time.



If you find this product interesting, you can find out more of the details at Kickstarter project page. You can pledge $129 or more to get this purse and become the supporter of this project.

via [TechChee][TC]


Uni Promark View Highlighter

JetPens introduced a set of unique highlighter that you’ll love to have them if you are like unique stuffs. Tired of the ordinary marker and need something new? Uni Promark View marker is the answer!


Unlike any ordinary highlighter/ marker pen that you can find in the market, this Jetpens’ version is so unique and nice looking. Guaranteed to impress your friends or co-workers, as the design of this highlighter is highly creative.


Thanks to the transparent neck, not only you can sneak peek of the text you want to highlight, you can also eliminate the chance of faulty highlighting. The tip is 5mm wide, a common size for any text book or writing text size.

There is a removable cap that could be either pull off directly or come off by a slight twist. A set of this Uni Promark View Highlighter is including 5 colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Green.

It’s all for just $18, about $3.6 per color. If you are interested, check it out at The Fancy.