Cool Coffee Table Aquarium – The Ultimate Living Room Decoration For Fish Lover


Imagine if you have this coffee table in your living room, all your friends will be amazed and I believe you’ll proud of it as well. This coffee table aquarium is definitely nice looking, all transparent (except the base), and it’s a combination of beveled glass and clear sturdy acrylic wall. The official name is “Midwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee Table”, which you can find it selling for around $1000 at various place.


Specification wise, this coffee table aquarium is capable of storing 25 gallon of water, has the dimension of 24 x 24 x 15-1/2 H, has a wide 36 square glass top (solid 3/8′), and it has come complete with anything you need to pet fish. Obviously, that is excluding the water and the fishes! No idea if the fish would still alike or not if it’s shipped altogether. :)

Anyway, here is what you’ll get in the big package (101 pounds shipping package!):

  • The coffee table aquarium
  • Lighting equipment
  • Decorative plants
  • Extension cord
  • Two-stage submersible filter-pump
  • One instruction book to setting up the aquarium

All left is to put pour the water and put the fish of your choice into the aquarium, plug the cable, close the glass cover and there you go, a beautiful aquarium table for your living room. The design of the aquarium table allows you to feed the fish through the center areas of the 4 sides. The sides have notches (around 1/2 inch) where you can slip your finger inside to feed the fishes. There is no need to remove the entire 36-inch glass top to feed them everyday.

TheFancy has this item for $1000 with around 3 weeks of shipping time. But I found out that Amazon has the same item and it’s selling for $200+ less, around $680+ only and the shipping take shorter time as well. Check them out if you are interested. Depend on your buying preferences, I would go for the best price that will take shorter time to arrive. 😉


Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

If you are fans of silverware or love to buy gold stuffs as your collection, you will definitely need one of this Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner. It a pain if you need to head to the jewelry shop to clean up your jewelry each time they change color, but with this ultrasonic cleaner, you can do it yourself at home.


Hammacher Schlemmer Institute stated it as the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and it’s capable of cleaning up to 99.8% of debris. The thing that does the magic is the 42,000Hz of ultrasonic sound wave + water (with optional detergent). The machine is capable of penetrating deep into crevices and effectively clean any intricate areas of the jewelry. Depend on the amount and the size of the jewelry, ultrasonic cleaner can clean the up in the matter of few minutes.

This model of cleaner have few preset cleaning time which you can choose it through the front panel. There is a small LED screen with digital timer to tell you the information.

More Info: Hammacher


For Apple Die-Hard Fans: iPhone App Paintings

Being a fans means that you’ll love everything. Including a dull shaped painting of zoomed app icons, that means nothing but a iconic fanatism. I’m certainly one of them, and you don’t wanna blame me if I’ve got bunch of these guys (the App paintings) screwed all over my pale walls.


Okay, these App paintings are absolutely the state of arts for Apple die-hard fanatic-fans as they are the only things which has been passed down from generation to generation. You can immediately figure out the app logo design in the first look about what it is, and you can easily identify the owner of these painting as yet another Apple fans.

The painting itself is not made with any half-ass materials, too. According the specs, the iPhone app paintings are printed onto Italian artist canvases, by using the latest digital printing technology to guarantee the highest quality ever. Hang on the wall and it will last for years without fading.

In a pack of 16 paintings, you can bring ’em back for $280 via The Fancy. You can also go here for more info.


Black+Blum Thermo Pot – No More Cold Food, Unless You Want It

For those who are buying with their business, it’s a rare sight for them the cook their meal 2/3 times a day. Usually, busy people will cook once in the morning and never cook ago. Medically speaking, it’s not healthy at all to eat cold meal, especially a supper. However, thanks to the advancement in food storage technology, people are allow to store their food and keep them warm for a long time, without using microwave.


This new Stainless Steel Vacuum Food container/flask is one of the most popular and high quality device to keep your food warm for a long time. It’s perfect for storing hot porridge, soup, or cold icy drinks. It also comes with a stainless steel spoon and magnetic holder at the side of the vacuum flask

It comes with 10 years guarantee of the vacuum, and it has biodgradable cork, polypropylene and silicone top with minimal thread detail, which mean you’ve no need to spin and spin and spin to open the cover.

They call this food container as Black+Blum Thermo Pot and it’s current on sale at Amazon. Check the latest price directly on Amazon.


PowerFlask Mobile Charger

Why buy portable battery charger that shaped like a nerdy items when you can get it in some kind of better form? If you are trying to get a new mobile charger for your mobile devices, you can free yourself from getting those unfashion flat squarish block of battery by getting this PowerFlask mobile charger instead!


PowerFlask is a cool battery charger that delivers enormous amount of charging power (13000mAh in total) that should enough to rejuice your smartphone several times before you need to recharge it. 13000mAh is HUGE, about twice amount of a standard tablet’s battery,  or about 3-4 times of standard smartphone battery.

Thankfully, even it’s HUGE, it doesn’t mean that PowerFlask charger is bulky and “blocky”. The company creatively mask the battery into a cool booze flask, those who don’t know what it is will think that you are a booze-lover bringing booze flask in your pocket.


PowerFlask is coming with two USB ports with each for tablet and phone (2.5A for tablet, and 1A for phone). You can charge 1 tablet and two smartphones at once using the provided cables.


As a bonus feature, PowerFlask has two built-in ultra-bright flashlight LEDs that you can use it for emergency purpose. The switch is on the left, together with the battery indicator. If you are interested, you can check it out at TheFancy.