First Creation in Hardware Sphere

Image Credit: Navid J – Hanging Sphere

Finally, Hardware Sphere is born to the glorious web media. HardwareSphere goal is to inform all hot and upcoming hardware and do some review on it. I’ve been blogging for more than one year now on my blog about Sites Optimization, so I think it’s time to blog on something that I truly love. :)

I have my previous tech / hardware review blog at, which is not suitable for hardware / tech stuffs (the domain name is not suitable, isn’t?). It seems it’s my fault to host that blog there. Well, it’s solved now and my techie side has its own domain now! Hardwaresphere will be my source and “my only one blog” to blog on tech stuffs.

If you enjoy about technology and hardware development and news, please visit more often as I would bring you a fresh perspectives for your geeky needs. :)

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