AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition

AMD black edition is famous of it’s price politics. Beside it’s cheaper, you won’t get a lowered performance product. which is double benefit. :)

AMD Phenom 9850 black edition comes with an unlocked multiplier and very accessible which allow you to fine tune using third party software. Let’s take a look at AMD Phenom 9850 black edition commercial box:

Is “AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition” Good?

As far as my research goes, AMD Phenom 9850 BE have the following general spec:

Depend on your need, you’ll run everything fast with this processor. So, is it good or not? :)
Generally, its excellent features are as follow:

  • Unlocked Multiplier so you can play around with it
  • Fastest for now (9950 is coming soon – 2.6Ghz)
  • Cool and Quiet v2.0 – Quieter ever.
  • It’s already Quad Core
  • You can overclock much more higher with good water cooling system attached on it

Customers’ True Voice on AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition

I collected this voices around the net and post it here. It’s genuine with pros and cons included. Best information for evaluate your buying decision:


  1. This Thing Run Fast!
  2. if you are a nut for setting affinity to multiple programs, you will see better performance in each program.
  3. Easily does 3 ghz with 15x multiplier and without raising core voltage.
  4. For the cost you can’t go wrong. This chip screams on my rig and allows my memory to run at 1066 if I choose so.
  5. Best bang for the buck! Cheaper solution for higher ‘frame per second’.


  1. The head sink that come with AMD is no good. Rather buy separated cooling fan.
  2. Although it quiet, it’s hot. Need a good cooler to cool this thing down.
  3. OC should have Water cooling instead!
  4. 65nm not 45 nm – heat problem
  5. This 125W processor is not very compatible with older AM2 and some AM2+ motherboards

Is “AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition” for me?

Now, it’s depend on what’s your needs of speed. If you are a rookie gamer, I am sure this cpu is suitable to play the upcoming Far Cry game smoothly (again, it’s depend or your total RAMs and GPU performance). But, if you don’t pair a strong cpu with other strong peripherals, you won’t get maximum result out of it.

You should seek for peripherals that could match this piece of cpu. Don’t underestimated it’s performance by pairing with low spec peripherals.

Where to get the best deals?

There are several online store sell AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition. Its only problem is about where do you live at the moment (because it will affect the shipping cost), cost the store carefully and search for their special deals or services:


I’m not interested. Any Alternative?

I believe every product have its own alternative to search. It’s depend on your luck or your intelligence to do so. :) At least, I will help you by listing a related entries on this blog so you can stumble on your own alternative (look below).

I hope this short post could help you make up your mind and purchase AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition or to find another better alternative that suit your needs. If you find this post useful, would you mind to share it with your friend?

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    i need to have amd phenom 9850 black edition, but I got nothing in Indonesia, I’ve been looking for this, but still got nothing, so please let me know the way to have this stuff.
    I really do.please please

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