Puchi Puchi Electronic Bubblewrap

Love to burst a bubblewrap that comes with your electronic hardware? Having a little nice sensation pressing that little bubble and hear the “pop” sound? Same here! :)

I love doing this activity every I found a bubblewrap inside my gadget’s box (some have, so don’t). It’s fun and enjoying to bursting bubblewrap until the very last one. But as soon as the bubbles run out, the joy’s end! :(

Fortunately, Japanese people are so clever. They know this problem exist so they created this “Puchi Puchi Electronic Bubblewrap”!

Its size is similar to original bubblewrap and once you press on the bubble-like button, you will feel the exact sensation of bursting original bubblewrap! :)

Puchi Puchi Electronic Bubblewrap is basically a key ring. So you can put it on your bag’s zip or even hang it on your cellphone. You even have the opportunity to choose color for, from white to blue – pick one you love! :)

If you are interested, check it out for only £7.99 at gadgetshop (around $15)

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