ABIT IP35 Pro Motherboard

ABIt IP35 have two main version. First is IP35 basic and second is IP35 Pro. What you are going to read in this post is all about IP35 Pro in a simple description.

Basically, basic version is cheaper than Pro. That’s absolutely true because Pro version offers many-many features that ABIT IP35 Basic don’t support.

In a quick view, ABIT IP35 Pro Motherboad is using a Dual Graphic Card Interface. Which allow user to boost their gaming and 3D graphic performance to an amazing states.

There is a silent cooling sink and a heat pipe lining from northbridge to southbridge. It’s an absolute Cooling system that giving not a dime noise when working with ABIT IP35 Pro.

Is “ABIT IP35 Pro” Good?

One word – Good! :)

Practically, ABIT Motherboard is the hottest product for Overclocker. If you are an OC, I believe you know why. ABIT IP35 Pro have so many feature that will make overclocker overexcited. The basic value that ABIT IP35 Pro have are as follow:

  1. Lots of features that you can use and tweak
  2. Low noises when working
  3. DUAL-SLI Mode
  4. Solid Capacitor – 8x stronger than normal capacitor
  5. Support FSB 1066Mhz and DDR2 800
  6. Maximum Memory Supported: 8 Gb (64bit OS only)
  7. Lot of SATA ports – 6 of them and 2 eSATA connector for external uses

Customers’ Testimony on ABIT IP35 Pro Motherboard

Hear the solid statement from ABIT users. I’ve collected some of the strongest opinions and post it here:

Pros (+)

  1. It has all sorts of neat little features that are appreciated
  2. Everything on this board was clearly labeled, and the manual was very well laid out and easy to follow
  3. It has a power and reset switch on the board itself, a CMOS reset in the back, plenty of USB ports, and the NB and SB have great heat dispersion.
  4. OTES heat pipe cooling is very effective. The Northbridge and Southbridge is only warm and never goes hot
  5. Fits a Zalman 9500 and will thus will likely fit whatever cooling option you’re looking at. All solid state capacitors
  6. Best OCing Motherboard I’ve ever seen
  7. Great BIOS features and overclocking is so easy you feel like you stole something when you’re working with it.

Cons (-)

  1. Very poor technical support!
  2. uGuru overclocking app seems less than rock-solid
  3. SATA Port is not on a good spot
  4. Some problem with Raid Controller
  5. Do not buy this board for e8400. Need to flash BIOS which amateur should avoid.

Is “ABIT IP35 Pro Motherboard” for me?

If you are a beginner to Overclocking or already a good skill overclocker, you will love ABIT IP35Pro. Not only it’s feature-ful, it’s easy to tweaking your hardware through ABIT uGuru and BIOS.

Contrary, if you have no intention to be an OCer find other alternative will save your day. ABIT IP35 Pro will make you confuse when you only need to do a simple change in BIOS.

Where to Find the Best Deals?Abit IP35 Pro Desktop Board

There are 2 store currently selling cheap on ABIT IP35 Pro:

NewEgg: $179.99 – SOLDOUT!
The Nerds: $176.99

There is a special deal on NewEgg.com. You can Mail-In a rebate and get a discount of $30. You only need to pay $149.99 for one piece of ABIT IP35 Pro motherboard.

Or, there is a cheaper solution by choosing the combo package. All you can find out at NewEgg.com.

I hope this short post could help you make up your mind and purchase ABIT IP35 Pro or to find another better alternative that suit your needs. If you find this post useful, would you mind to share it with your friends?

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