UroClub – Golf Course Instant Peeing

Nasty but brilliant. For you who love to play golf in the actual field will sometimes facing a natural calls problem. It’s bad because it could effect your concentration to hole in your ball and sometimes will make you feel uncomfortable for playing any longer.

Well, urologist Floyd Seskin spotted this urgency and they invented a UroClub which make urination in the golf club become “easier”. Check this picture out and you will know what I mean:

It’s indeed a good solution than you must run for miles to find a toilet to start your leak. what you need to do is to take a clean towel and UroClub along with your golf clubs. When your natural calling, just pick UroClub up, cover it up with towel (see picture), unscrew the cap, put your “birdie” in, and transmit your urine into it.

I’m not sure how large its capacity is, so watch out of overloading! 😉

Found at Boing-Boing Gadgets and the Product Page

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