Glow Brick – Cool Glowing Bulb in Cube

Something that glow in the dark? Yep, it’s the “photoluminescence” product. It absorb light fast and release it slowly, that why it will glowing the dark.

A common photoluminescence is in form of stars or bar like items that help people see dime light in dark. But this Glow Brick is different. It use an actual Bulb and with the help of solid acrylic brick, it glow brighter than usual.

You can even use it as your desk light. It will gives you another taste of luminosity and it’s kinda romantic if you can blend the emotion in with your beloved one :) (It’s to bad they don’t have a pink color one).

The glow-in-the-dark* pigment is trapped inside a real light bulb (just like the ones you have at home). Then the light bulb is encased in a solid block of Acrylic resin.

The mysterious optical effect is caused by light diffracting in the tiny space between the glass of the light bulb and the resin – this space forms when the resin shrinks by a tiny amount during the production process. The polished surface gives a jewel like quality to the object.

In a darkened room, or at night, the Glow Brick comes to life with a tranquil and subtle glow emanating from the pigment inside the light bulb. Size is 3.3″ x 3.3″ x 5

You can get this cool glow-in-the-dark glow brick just under $29.99. Start glowing your room with it! :)


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