Need – Simplified Cell Phone Concept

Nowadays cell phone is just too complicated to use. Remember the first time I bought my nokia 3530. It’s pretty exciting and user friendly, easy to navigate and not overwhelming of feature. Since I bought my Nokia E51, I’m stuffed. Too many feature is a tragedy, btw. :)

But Need is different. It’s absolutely different. Look at Need picture below and guess what’s different:

Basically, “Need” have nothing but a simple cell phone to making a calls and save numbers. You can’t hear music with it, can’t play games, can’t snapping pictures. Just a plain “Stone Age Cell Phone” with modern skin. :)

Well, it’s not really a stone age cell phone. It indeed has implement a touch screen feature which is very popular right now.

The artist behind this concept is Tamer Koseli. This story is found at Tuvie with more detail description and pictures there.

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  • burt

    I like this one… Today’s cell hone have every gadget imaginable excet for a garage door opener on them…..

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