Table Tennis Racket WebCam

If you are a table tennis fanatic and hot for the upcoming Olympic 2008 at Beijing, you will might love this hardware. It’s a cute little yellow webcam with LED and Clipper. USB power and easy to install.

Although it might represent a racket, never use it as a racket to hit real pingpong. :)

This table Tennis Racket Webcam is only 91g weight and it have 3 color changing LED light to represent different signal. Very workable on Skype, MSN and other IM application.

Fully support USB 2.0, which ensure fast connection and video rendering. About video chatting quality, it’s depend on how fast your internet connection is. This webcam has a lens rotation ability so you can adjust a clearer images.

You can either clipped it on your LCD/Laptop or put it on your desktop. If you are interested with this table tennis racket webcam, you can get it as low at $19.00 at Brando.

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