Hottest Stuff: Apple 3G Iphone 2.0

Current Hottest iPhone, which has touch the v2.0 like web 2.0, is going to rolled out on this July 11th, 2008 with a half price cut from the previous version of iPhone. Not only price cheaper, iPhone now upgraded a 3G capability makes this phone the strongest ever.

Although on they posted about iPhone killer phone (might be) will comes to the market to tackle iPhone, I’m doubt they can stand still on this July 11th.

The retail price is to be reported at no more than $199. But I’m not sure if it will be a price politic on different country or not. At least, at that price lots of mid range consumer can buy and enjoy.

It’s a shame that our country is not listed in the 3G iPhone world tour countries list. Although how excellent this piece of hardware is, I can’t enjoy it here. :(

Well, if you are Apple fanatics, V2.0 of iPhone is something that you don’t wanna miss. Head over and you will find Apple 3G iPhone 2.0 sit there above the fold. :)


[Found at Apple via Technabob]

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