Pogo iPhone Stylus – Fingers Alternative

With the upcoming release of iPhone version 2, I’m sure you don’t want to stuck with the same problem that you’ve heard or faced yourself with the first generation of iPhone.

iPhone comes without a “Stylus Pen” which usually a touch-screen gadget would have. That would be a big problem for a big guy, whose have a big finger to play with iPhone touch screen. Even iPhone 2 3G version doesn’t seem to fix this problem.

In using iPhone, Big Hand guys always have a precision problem even in navigating menu. You can’t use other point stylus to navigate your iPhone. In case you haven’t realized, iPhone touch screen is reactive only to your fingers.

This is because it uses a technology called capacitive touch which measures the flow of electrons through your skin. – ThinkGeek.com

Well, Pogo iPhone Stylus comes to the rescue. Pogo is a specially designed to work on iPhone and iPod Touch. Pogo iPhone somehow able to “trick” your iPhone into thinking your real finger touch. I’m not sure how the create this, but this is a brilliant solution for Big Fingers iPhone Fan! :)

Pogo iPhone Stylus comes with a clip /holder to keep the stylus handy.

You can choose the color from black, white, gray, and magenta.

If you are interested with Pogo iPhone Stylus, you can get it for $24.99 only at ThinkGeek.

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