iSkin Fuze iPhone Cases – Cool Protector

Here is another protector for iPhone and iPhone v2.0. iSkin Fuze offer a brilliant case with fused technology and touch friendly screen protector.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable holding your iPhone watch your favorite movie, iSkin Fuze is bundled with revoClip which is another innovation of iSkin to free your hand from your iPhone while you enjoy the your favorite mp4.

“The fuze fits perfectly with the very useful iSkin revoClip (sold separately), so that you can remain safely and stylishly attached to your valuable iPhone+fuze at all times. The revoClip also doubles as a convenient stand, which allows you to comfortably watch movies or make handsfree calls.

And because you need convenience as well as safety, you can charge your iPhone and connect your earphones without removing your iPhone+fuze from the revoClip. How’s that for thoughtful design?”

I wonder if Pogo iPhone Stylus will work on iSkin or not :).

For more detail information and photos, please click the link to browse for iSkin Fuze Image Gallery.


Found and expanded [SlipperyBrick].

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