Wireless Headphone with Transmitter Set

Hearing music with headphone without a cable attached to our movement feel great. We can move around as free as we want without scare of the limited cable range and less hassle on Cable management.

I found one on Chinavasion.com which is pretty solid and cool looking headphone. It is not a bluetooth driven but a receiver-transmitter wireless type.

And here is the complete set that you will get if you buy from chinavasion.

The headset looks solid and it’s capable of sharing what you are hearing with your friend through the earphone jack. Just jack-in your extra cabled headphone into the hole shown in the picture to sharing. The sound quality for external jack-in headphone is depend on the headphone itself.

One more thing that pretty interesting is you can flip the ears coupling for easier storage. You can get this Wireless Headphone for $19.85 only at Chinavasion (buy more to get lower price).


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