Cable Hassles Solved with CableBox

You know, live as a budget limited geek like me often meeting with one problem-cable hassles! There is no other option because wireless stuffs is just too expensive to grab! Wired hardware and gadgets is cheaper but comes with long cables that easily become a nest for dusts and simply annoying scenery killer.

If your work space is like that also, CableBox might be a good solution. Here is some snapshot of BlueLounge’s CableBox:

Simply simple. Two color choices, Yin-Yang. Another picture below is how you install your surge protector into CableBox:

By looking at the pictures above, probably you have understand how useful this hardware is, or let me help you a bit with another snapshot of real example of using CableBox to manage your cable:

See? There is no messy cables under your desk anymore! Like this stuff? Want to manage your cable with CableBox? Well… not right now, buddy!

Huh, WTF?

Well, visit the site and you will know why! :)

It’s still in pre-order status. All order before June 25th will be hold until then. So, slow down guys! :)

UPDATE: Now BlueLounge CableBox is available in variety color collection with surge protector. The details are available at our shopping channel.

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