Future Walking Encyclopedia – Cool!

Imagine you can have a definition of anything that you see through a transparent, notebook size hardware. Life could be extremely easy and enjoyable. This hardware still got no real name yet (just a concept), so people called it “Mobile touchscreen tablet concept”. Here is some picture of it:

Whenever you confuse on something, just look through it and you will get the detail description. How nice! Google and iPhone seems to creating an alien technology anyway…

This tablet concept is Designed by Mac Funamizu using the capability of Google Maps (May be Google Earth also?) and several other features that enable this hardware to get a real time information.

I’m not sure where this device is going to pull data from, but I’m sure up to that time (not specified when it will hit the store – dvice.com predicted it will be 30 years from now!), data browsing is just a piece of cake anywhere you are.

Now, that’s what a Walking Encyclopedia is!

[Designer Page: petitinvention]
[Found on devicedaily.com and dvice.com]

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