Personal Home ATM Machine

Do you have a child with money management problem? Discovery invented a personal ATM Machine to solve this solution for you. Discovery ATM Machine is a excellent way to learn about money saving.

It could detect all U.S. Currency and also detect Coins. You can even set your own password (PIN) to locked from unknown uses.

All your money that you deposited into this Machine is counted and displayed on the screen. Pretty useful so you don’t have to count your money piece by piece.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, I will use this machine if it can detect my currency. I’m kind of lazy counting money although I worked at finance department. :)

Well, interested? visit shopping channel to get more information and reviews from users.

Discovery ATM Machine
Discovery ATM Machine
Price: $29.99


This ATM machine is not available anymore at the merchant site. It seems Discovery Store is retiring this version and switch it with the latest version with touch screen technology. Check out this latest Deluxe Touch Screen ATM machine on our post.

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