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Running out of battery while hicking or travelling always is an annoying problem. Especially Cellphone and other small electronics.

And sometimes it could be dangerous if we are in a critical moments, lost inside a forest or bitten by animals.
We can’t call for help because battery is out of order.

But worry no more. HomeVisions.com invented a portable solar charger which they named it “Portable Solar Smart Charger”. Here is some snapshot of it:

Below is how you plug your gadgets into this solar charger to charge the battery:

Just plug in your cable to the charger and it will charge your cellphone when you put it under sunshines.

It’s USB driven and you might need a bunch of connectors converter to use it with different devices. Two version available for you, Titanium and Graphic (both have the same price) for $59.99 only.

[via 7Gadgets]


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