Thomson Symbio – Voip Radio Phone

From a far vision, I thought this gadget is a decoration not a telephony stuffs. It has an artistic touch and unique design for a mere phone.

What? mere phone tool? Nah! Thomson Symbio is not a mere phone which you would find in local electronic market easily.

Thomson Symbio is a Cordless DECT VoIP phone with internet radio capability. There are more features such as:

  • Hands-free calling
  • HiFi Ringtone
  • Phone books
  • Recent Call Logging
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Store up to 10 favorite internet radio channels, and many more!

Although it’s cool, Thomson Symbio haven’t hit the market yet. Which make it uncool for the moment because we can test it out. :)

If you prefer, check out Thomson’s site out for better specs description.



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