Electric Dauphin – Run 300 Km Noiseless

Now that’s what I call a future of car design is. The most important of new generation car design is less emission, less noise, and environment friendly. Electric Dauphin is one of the design for future and nature balance.

Using Battery as the main power, Electric Dauphin won’t emit anything that could hurt our beloved earth. One charge at a time could make Electric Dauphin Rolling on the road for 300 Kilometers “almost” noiseless. This is pretty strong since it can speeding up to 150 km/h.

Complete with all mobility and traveling needs, this car is designed to have an advance communication system to make live easier.

“The car can communicate with the home computer wirelessly through the internet server, and users can receive information when needed, be it basics like maps, directions etc.

This one is surely a class apart.”

There is no information about how long we battery until reaching the maximum state. Also, there is no further information from Ricardo Baiao, the designer of Electric Dauphin about the release date and how this gadget is going to “charge” our pocket.

Future imagination has become more and more interesting by a man like him. Let see what else he could design for us. :)

[via Tuvie]

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