Emperor Throne Descended This July

“Oh Gosh!” was the first sentence that came out from my big mouth when first witnessing the king throne seat which will be descended this July with undisclosed price. It looks like a Alien workstation to me for a second but I’m finally adapted to this marvelous design. :)

NovelQuest’s Emperor is compatible with all computer platform (such as PC, MAC, laptop) is unbelievable useful. When I injected my pc or laptop to this “Emperor”, I will get panoramic view of 3 LCD merge together plus many other high tech features.

Just like what we have seen in fiction movies, seems like one by one things on movie come to real life. NovelQuest’s Emperor comes with everything complete starting from Sound system to communication system.

“The Emperor comes with three large monitors for a panoramic view, THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, webcam, battery backup, and a lot of other necessary stuff.”

So many great thing is going to release on this July. From iPhone V2.0 to this Emperor workstation. Can’t wait to see what is the full specification which will be released in this July 24th, 2008.

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