No-Key Keyboard – Future Touchboard?

Remembered the day when I saw Mr.Data from Stars Trek typing a transparent keyboard. I thought it won’t be a real thing and don’t believe it will exist in this true world. Until I stumbled on this keyboard at Yanko design, I finally know that nothing is impossible.

Designed by Kong Fanwen, I bet this keyboard will have no match for the flatness and button-less design. Based on a touch screen technology like what Apple’s iPhone adapted, you can virtually type your words effortlessly. I guess we should call it “Touchboard” instead of keyboard. 😉

One thing that I’m not quite satisfied. Although it has a future’s adaptation, I still curious why Fanwen use the very basic of keyboard template design. I thought it will be more advance, complete with the extra hot keys which available in laptops.

A little disappointing but still, this is the greatest breakthrough for keyboard design. I’m sure, with this type of gadget in our desk top, blogging on tech and gadgets will become more and more interesting! :)

[Found at Yanko Design]

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  • tyrese

    i want a touch screen keyboard

  • tony

    I was thinking to build a carpc with two touch screens on the dash, detachable from the dash; after all this hype about USB monitor, i decided to give a try. With two screens; i could use for expanded monitor or use one for keyboard. Furthermore I have a bunch of 7″ touchscreens that i was thinking of using 3 for keyboard. 2 for the letters and other for the number pad, or i could use all three for gagets on the screen like weather a stuff like that. How ever it would be a damm expensive keyboard.
    Maybe I should think it over.

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