Oak Castle Games Table – Rich Guys Toy

Rich People always have stuffs that we would envy from. From their home designs to their cars they ride. Even from electronic stuffs to home decoration and toys.

Castle Games Table is one of them which you will envy if you are a puzzle mania or chess master. This table and all of the toys is made of Oak Trees. The Table itself is a solid block of Oak which interlocked each otherto form a mini Castle.

Before you can actually use it as your games table, you will need to build the table by yourself. It’s to build your “own castle”, a personal objective for fun with family members. Comes with a square glass tops or you can change the glass to a simple circle glass when ordering this castle.

Castle Games table is considered as one of the rich people’s toys because it’s pricey. You can get this table for under £1.250 ($2425).

[found at BornRich]

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