Rolling Garlic Chopper – Delight Kitchenware

It’s kind of fun looking at what this little Rolling garlic chopper could do for your kitchen. Just put one or two garlic in the “cup” and close the lit to start chopping by rolling the wheel.

Like playing a hot wheel as a child, you only need to roll forward and backward to chop the garlic into small pieces. Rolling Garlic Chopper is equipped with a set of stainless Steel blades and using a transparent container. It allows you to see how this chopper help you chops your garlic.

I’m kind of curious whether this chopper can chop onions or not. If yes, I won’t bother having tear dropping while chopping onions anymore! You know, onions always make people burst their tears out of their eyes.

This chopper simply won’t let any smells out and keep your hands clean from whatever thing you cut with Rolling Garlic Chopper.

Pretty cheap actually.. You can get it for just $9.75 at Amazon. (Don’t forget to check on Amazon Kindles on Best Gift for Father Days)

[via OhGizmo]

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