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Solar Powered Courtesy Light – Enlighten your Doorway

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It’s always a problem for us who don’t have enough attention at our home. We usually found ourselves in a dark front door because forgot to turn light on when getting dark. We having difficulty because we can find which is the right key and where is the door’s keyhole.

When this problem approach, we need one type of Light that we can turn on with ease and never worry about extra electricity bills. You can use “Solar Powered Security Light” from Gizoo to solve this problem.

Some of this Solar Powered Security Light features are as follow:

  • Weather-Proof
  • Lock securely in place with a key
  • Uses a solar battery so no wires are required
  • 3-way switch – on/off/automatic
  • Motion Detector
  • 60 second illumination period
  • Can work in shady areas
  • Bright white LED light
  • 8 meters lighting distance
  • 100 degree detection angle
  • No hard time to find keys again
  • Easy installation
  • Portable

Whenever there is a sunshine to the sensor, it can backup the power by itself. furthermore, you only need to charge it under a sun once a week. It will power on by itself when motion is detected by the sensor for 1 minutes long. Enough for you to open a door.

Below is the reference picture for what will you get when purchasing Solar Powered Courtesy Light at Gizoo:

You can get this solar powered security light for as low as £24.95 (around $48 only).

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