Wireless Outdoor 2-Speaker System for Outdoor Event

No place for a additional set of bass speaker in front of your desk? You can simply go-wireless on it.
There are many hardware and gadgets that has implemented wireless system; especially what you needed is a wireless audio speaker system.

ImprovementsCatalog.com offers a unique, half-egg shaped Wireless Outdoor 2-Speaker System which is weather-resistant for outdoor enjoyment. Whenever you want to throw a party alongside your pools or your private garden, equip your sound system with this set of wireless speaker to add some good mood to the party.

The main advantage of using this egg shaped wireless outdoor speaker system is the length between transmitter and receiver. You can separate them as far as 150-ft and you still can hear a clear sound out of the egg.

To use this speaker, you only need to plug-in your iPod or other audio gadgets into the provided aux-in port on the transmitter. Simply simple.

Unfortunately, it still uses battery to keep alive. One set of eight “C” Batteries only capable of playing sound up to 7 hours. Well, it’s not a solar powered gadget. So it’s obvious to use up a lot of power.

If you want to buy this speaker, I suggest you to buy recharge-able batteries to save you more money. One more thing is this gadgets also have a remote control to set volume. Again, it required 2 AAA batteries to work properly.

If you are interested, find out more at ImprovementCatalog.com for $149.99 / $134.99 – discounted.


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