Icon A5 – Amphibious Plane with Affordable Price?

Icon A5? Icon on a A5 Paper? Well, sounds like that but I believe it’s not the real meaning behind this marvelous Amphibious plane design and branding.

ICON A5 is a plane, just like what I’ve said just now, and it’s amphibious means both land and water is not a problem. Or may be it’s a flying mamal instead because it also can fly!

Icon A5 Affordable amphibious plane

Icon A5 Folded Position

One Stop Solution for those who have money to spend. From the source information that I read, this mamal, err.. Amphibious Plane is sold for $139.000. It’s certainly would make a killing for us who live in a developing country. But not for me who live in a big cities and furthermore, an internet marketer and Gadget Blogger! 😈

Well, just joking around. This Gadget simply not affordable for people who live from paycheck to paychecks. It will just become a dreams or may be a nightmare. At least, to turn this into a nice dream, I will help you a bit to imagine how nice to have this amphibious plane:

  1. You can fly – yes, fly by your own in the big blue sky
  2. You can swim in the ocean – and no worry it could stains because it’s stainless steels and amphibious
  3. You can ride – Interior design is just like a car design
  4. You can flirt with Chicks – Coz they love luxurious stuffs! 😈
  5. You can fold the wings! yeah, so you can take it anywhere with your car
  6. Or, may be you can tiet it above your car roof to turn your junk car into a multi use, flying car.
  7. Well, No more weird idea…

Well, simply a great gadget. I will dream about it tonight…

[source: DeviceDaily]

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