Lumeneo Smera – Skinny Electric Car Concept

Remember the Car concept, Electric Dauphin that I just mentioned last few days? Another one has already occured and ready to be marketed this October in Italia.

I mention the “skinny” in the title because this design is absolutely a great temptation for those who are not “skinny”. Check this Lumeneo Smera real photos and you will understand what I meant.

Lumeneo Smera Car Concept

Right? I guess only those guys who have 100 pounds and 5 feet long are able to fit in and drive this car well. So, not “skinny” people need to get an intensive diet program to drive this car! 😉

In the other side, Lumeneo Smera have a nice design. Smera can reach 80 MPH (wow here) and about 93 miles per charge. While Dauphin is longer (300 km or around 186 Miles) is not bad at all since Smera is only powered by a 144 volt lithium ion battery.

If you are skinny enough, there are more information on Geekologie or Directly go to Lumeneo Smera site for intensive data.

found at Geekologie.

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