Wacky Noodle – Noodle Chair for Swimming Pool

Bore of the general floating bed for swimming? Why don’t you try this new type of “floating seat” for swimming?

I know it sounds normal because on a floating bed, you can sit on it too. But often you will having a hardtime maintaining the balance and you will drop back to the pool (depend on how large the floating bed is).

With this Wacky Noodle™ Noodle chair, you can easily set yourself in a sitting position and float on the surface of pool. Although it’s a bit weird pose, you will feel comfortable and will have a great time using this Wacky Noodle™.

Wacky Noodle - Noodle chair in swimming pool

The Feature of Wacky Noodle™ for your swimming pools is as follow:

  • Super Lightweight
  • Easy for relax in the middle of swimming
  • Super Cheap
  • Water-Resistant (Of course!)

The Wacky Noodle™ Noodle Chair is the affordable, no-fuss, no-muss way to relax in your pool. This amazing pool chair has a hammock-like mesh seat that fastens to the noodle chair; creating a floating easy chair you can relax in for hours.

Start Turning your swimming pool into a unique seating area with Wacky Noodle™. It’s a great combination if you can afford to have a additional Backyard Outdoor Theater System (reviewed by Coolest-Gadgets.com). So you can really turn your swimming pool into a mini teather with water floating audiences! 😀

Fun and exciting. You can get this Wacky Noodle™ for just below $14.99 (buy to for $12.99 each) at ImprovementCatalog.com.

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