Yo-Yo Pullight Dynamo – Nifty Toy

Yo-yo user? Yo-yo Fans and Expert? You will love this Gizmo from the first sight. well, I’m not sure though… But personally, I will love to play yo-yo with this Pullight Dynamo Yo-yo, even I always hit myself doing the tricks! 😉

Pullight Dynamo Yo-Yo is equipped with 3 phase motor generator which will run and power up the LED with a very gentle touch. It’s a kinetic energy driven so there is no battery or similar component inside this yo-yo to power up the light.

Sebastien Sauvage, the designer itself I believe is an expert in Yo-yo petting. whenever you’ve done playing this Yo-yo, there is a special host for the ring itself so it won’t floating around like the normal yo-yo toy.

What interested me is it actually a mini generator which you can use as a emergency charger for your cellphone and iPod. Again, I’m not sure about it since I believed it’s just a concept for a moment. If this concept is bring to real stuff, I’m sure this would be a energy saving solution other than solar powered gadget.

I’m not sure about the price, but it’s suspected to be as cheap as iPhone, but somehow it will be expensive for a toy.

Found on ecoFriend
Source: Yankodesign

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