Bandage your Car with Auto Bandages

I always hate to see my car have scars while I can’t get enough money to repair the scars. I often left it there and peoples who comes/passed by will pity on my car… Gosh! That’s not what I want!

I need a perfect car without scars and I would really love to find any other method to “camouflage” the scar into something else which is unnoticeable or people won’t bother to pity on me.

Well, if you get the same problem, may be Auto Bandages will become the one of many solution for camouflage your car’s scars.

Auto Bandages is a magnetic based band-aids for car. Simply stick it to your car’s scars so it looks like a good driver who care about his car, just like a good mother taking care of her children wound with band-aids. :)

Auto Bandages is cheap, as cheap as a real bandages on that size I think. You can get it just under $3.89 each. Though there are 3 bandages variation for your car, I still love the plain, non-text bandage because it looks natural.

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