Lamborghini Sport Car – USB Memory Stick Version!

Personally, I would love to have a lamborghini parked in my garage. Or I can drive it anyway, and go to flirts with some chicks with it! Gosh, who don’t want this kind of dream? It’s the dream of every men, I guess!

Well, to stop day-dreaming, why don’t we just start with some small version of the actual car? 😉

There is a Lamborghini USB version available for us to cure our fever for it. It’s not like the real Lamborghini of course, it’s just a plastic made toy with 1GB memory stick for backing up your data.

Looks pretty cool, though. Although it seem like a normal toys which you would find it at the toys market, this little USB Lamborghini is licensed by Lamborghini’s! I wonder why they want to license such a cheap selling memory stick…

Well, once you plug it into your USB port, the headlights will light up as if the Lamborghini’s engine start. Its dimension is only 6cm x 3cm x 2.5cm. Pretty small to fit in your pocket and bring your Lamborghini car everywhere as you wish. It’s only not driving the car, but the car driving you! :)

Two color choices, white and yellow which you can get it just for $43 at BoysStuff.

Found at GeekAlerts

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