Lilypad – Future Solution to Flood Disaster

I’m not sure about 2012 prophecy, I only know that global warming is worsen everyday. I believe, if there is no solution an environment fixation, we need to build something that Lilypad.

I’m kind of relieved to read such a concept, but I don’t think I could live until 2100 which is 92 from now! Well, at least my children would be safe from danger if Lilypad’s successfully turned into a real thing.

Here is some snapshots of Lilipad concept:

I wonder why there is lot of Mercedes’ Logo over the picture 2. May be Lilypad sponsored by them?! :)

I just can’t imagine earth become a full ocean shown in the concept picture. I guess until that moment, everyone would become a fishermen, while have sex with Mermaid to raise population?!

Well, there is a bunch of picture over the site. Check it out and turn your imagination head on.

[found at Geekologie]

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  • justine

    Wow- this is amazing. To think that i may live there with my family one day!

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