Star Wars Candy Dispensers – They Play Song too!

What? Are you Star Wars Fanatics? Love the shining sabers and robotic world? Nah, you won’t find anything about that here.

Star Wars now comes as a Candy Dispensers, not a war-tools for war freaks. But a sweet stuffs for sweet lover! :)

Star Wars Candy Dispensers

As you can see above, there is Darth Vader, Death Star and Stormtrooper starring this PEZ dispensers. The unique side of this candy dispenser is to dispense all of its content out instead of single candy. Likely to start a “Candy Wars” within your mouth. It also play your favorite Star Wars Theme Song to add some mood! Pretty cool, right?

Your purchase will come with a dozen 12-packs of candy for refill. You can find it out at BulkCandyStore for around $18 each.

[Found at Geeky-Gadgets]

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