Bumper Boat – Fun in Pool

With Bumper Boat, you can add another enjoyment for your summer days! Summer in pool drives children wild and wacky, even adults are the same. May be the existing enjoyment has already satisfied you out. But this bumper boat would make a difference impression!

Imagine you and each of your family (or bunch of friends) have one, bring it to the pool and start a bumper boat war game. That’s pretty interesting and your children would shouts exciting.

Bumper Boat is navigatable. There is a stire to any direction with a help of a button to control the small motor in the bumper. I think this is the best presents for your children for summer. Whenever summer’s near, you can inflate the bumper and use it at pool or lake. When the season’s end, just unflate the bumper and store it for the next summer.

[via coolbuzz]

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