Even Pet Need a Safety Gears

The recent earth quake and flood disaster made those pet lovers equipping their pets with safety gears.
A Japanese pet lovers even more alert to the upcoming earthquake which predicted would be happening soon.

They equipped their pet with some type of advance survival gears for animal. Let’s take a look at the snapshot:

“Comes with many items, some include:
Water, biscuits, aromatherapy oils (to calm you as you flee from an earthquake), four rubber shoes for their feet (awww!), sealed bags (they suggest that you place your hankie in and the smell of you will calm your animal), and the flame retardant carrying case which has many storage pockets.”

Looks so heavy for the cat to carry around those emergency needs. I can’t think of a reason why they also include 4 rubber shoes. Only those pet lovers would know the reason I guess. I think animal will not need a shoe when disasters comes. They have a nature immunity actually…

Source: slipperybricks

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