Hybrid Light – Coolest Flashlight

Solar Powered Devices has become more and more popular right now. From device charger to roof solar panels to power up entire house. Now, it’s time to take a look at a emergency gadget, which is a flashlight.

Hybird Light is a no-no normal flashlight you will ever seen. Not only you, I’m also a first-timer to witness such a great flashlight! :)

Let’s drill down one by one to see how cool Hybrid Light is:

Yup, Hybrid Light Flashlight is very light to carry around, especially tough to any situation. It won’t break although you smash it to the ground. Hybrid Light also using the advance solar system to charge the lithium Backup Battery, so you can power it up any time as you wish.

Working very good in water. You don’t need to be afraid if your Hybrid Light Flashlight dropped into the ocean or river. It will float and never submerge itself, plus it’s waterproof.

The most excellence ability of Hybrid Light is that you only need to charge it one time and you can use it for 3 years!! Imagine yourself equipped with a magic torch which can light forever! :)

Last but not least, you won’t waste your money to buy no rechargeable batteries anymore! With a over-delivering service, Hybrid Light is already fully charged when this flashlight arrived at your hand.

Hybrid Light is easy to use, one button with three function as you can see from above picture. There is no over-hype here since all information’s taken from the main site.

Please visit Hybridlite.com for more detail information, and their customer testimonials which is pretty important to help you on Hybrid Light Flashlight.

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  • mark urbin

    i have an invention that uses solar power to help firefighters find hydrants easier at night and in bad wheather .. if you sre interested in it please let me know ..my e-mail is [email protected] or you can call me at 757 774 2349 thank you

  • You can also find our new updated light and packaging on our website – and soon to come, a 120 lumen light (3x brighter) as well as a spotlight and lantern this Fall.

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