Electric Bike Train – Pedalless bike

Seems like the future without the help of gas is more and more promising. The skyrocketing gas price has pushed some of those concept designers to build more stuffs to rescue human from relying on gas to much.

Electric Bike Train seems to be one of the design that came out of the brain of Jiang Qian, Chinese in Shanghai after being pressed by this issue.

“You’ve heard of the chain gang, now here’s the bike chain; a modular system that let’s you link up or ride solo, electric-style.”

Chain bike is pretty interesting. Although the existing bike is more healthy to ride on, Electric Bike Train is pretty fun and more suitable for family recreation.

I don’t get many information from the source. So I can’t explain how to use this bike train, or how long the chain can be. I only know that this electric bike train can connect one with another, and you can fold it when you don’t need it.

[found at SlipperyBrick]

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