Ku Ku Alarm Clock – A Lazy Killer Clock

Found yourself hard to wake up each morning although you have set alarm? I guess Ku Ku Alarm can handle this problem pretty well. The general reason on why we couldn’t wake up after alarm ringing is because we directly hit the off button and go back to sleep.

To avoid going back to sleep again, Ku ku Alarm urge you to put back the eggs which hatched from the clock. Yes, this clock hatches eggs every time the alarm goes off. The only way to stop the alarm is you need to put 5 of the eggs into the hole above Ku Ku Alarm Clock.

I guess, after inserting those five eggs, you’ve already pretty awaked and won’t go back to your sweet dreams anymore. But watch out, never lost your “eggs” or you won’t be able to turn off Ku ku alarm clock in a legal way (illegal: put off the batteries :) )

Found on Gadget4all for just $29.

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