Super Slim LED Page Light – Reading Made Easy!

If you are a college student who share room with a room mate, this Super Slim LED Page Light would be pretty useful for you. As an alternative for your desk lamp, this gadget is very portable, which let made study in the dark easier.

Sometimes our room mate will be very sensitive and ask for a light off so he/she can sleep well. At that moment, just pick this Super Slim LED Page Light on your palm, and put it behind the page that you wanna read.

You will see a clear words, with less light which won’t hurt your eyes for long time reading.

Amazingly easy to use. Super Slim LED Page Light only need 4 pieces of AAA batteries to power-up the 4 bright white LEDs on this gadget. It’s pretty lightweight (210g only) and Thin to slip it between your pages.
Basically, 4 pieces of batteries enable you to read continuously for 40 hours. I suggest you to buy a rechargable one to save more money.

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