Iriver Domino – Simplicity USB Flash Drive

Iriver Domino is a Korean product. The design of this USB is simply superb. It’s small, yet stylish enough to be compared with other biggie USB design. I’m not saying that Lamborghini USB Flash Drive design is uncool, it’s only about the minimalist design which make Iriver Domino dominated my attention.

It’s a good find of Robert from on this Korean product. I’m not sure if Robert is fluent in Korean or not, It’s just simply brilliant to bring upfront a non-English product to reader. This cool minimalist USB flash Drive have 2 version, 2GB and 4GB. Take a peek at Iriver Domino below:

Personally, my first impression on the 4GB design is “Fantastic 4”. Weird thinking, may be suggested by the “4” logo which is pretty much the same as Fantastic 4 logo. Pretty cool if we can add a circle around it! 😉

More information on GeekAlerts and Product Page (korean).

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