Skorpion Quadline Roller-Skates – Classical Armani Style

Who said that modern roller skates must be an inline-skates? Which a little touch for creative staffs at Emporio Armani, the classic and old style “wheels in the corners” reborn with a newly fresh style.

Skorpion Quadline Roller Skates with Emporio Armani Design
The cool name of this roller skates is Skorpion Quadline Roller Skates. You know, everything seems to hot on “Quad” stuff right now. Quad Core Processor, Quad GPU, Quad Hard drive, Quad there and Quad here.

Although the name is cool, the design is especially traditional because it implement the classical roller skates design. The only different is now it come with a sleek cool black color with some modern touch on the wheels and new brake system. I can see now the rubber brake is not at the front side anymore.

I guess they switch it to the back side for easier brake. You can see the distance between brake and surface is rather close.

But somehow, the Emporio Armani’s design is currently out of stock. Only the regular pair is available now at $180 per pair.

[via OhGizmo]

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