Acton Manila Pro – Envelope Style Laptop Sleeve

If you want to camouflage your laptop by hiding it inside a A3 size envelope, then check this newly design laptop sleeve for a better solution.

Acton Manila Pro Envelope Style Laptop Sleeve

Designed by Peter Treadway from, this laptop sleeve is absolutely sleeves. It has a name represented the common manila envelope, which is pretty cool & professional to call – The Acton Manila Pro.

On a quick glare, people will think that you are holding an envelope instead of laptop sleeve. They’ll never know there is a laptop inside the envelope-like laptop sleeve. It’s a sleeve in disguise. A conman tool to fool noobs. :)

Acton Manila Pro Laptop Sleeve with Mac in it

“The Acton Manila Pro are really sleeves. They have a strap but that is for people who want to go light.

Not just for the niche marketed “Air” but more for the Pro and other laptops in that size range- its dims are 12″x16″, which fits both the 15” and 17″ Pro models. It also fits the Air of course…”

Get it at Acton’s Site for $299.95 a sleeve.

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  • MacMouse3001

    😆 😆 😆

    This is the best sleeve, you could get for this money.
    But my girlfriend brought a new MB sleeve from austria. It is called Brutus Blue and the company is called 10TURIO. ➡ Watch out for this sleeve, i have not found it here.

    • 10TURIO have a range of good sleeves. I will check it out. Thanks for your information. Really appreciate it. 😉

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