Fanny Bank – The Farting Piggy Bank

I’m sure you will say “Gosh, It’s Gross!” after meeting with this piggy bank. And I’m sure you will laugh out loud after inserting your coin into this fanny bank – the farting piggy bank.

Fanny Bank - the Farting Piggy Bank

Each time you drop your coin in, you will get a reward of a fart. Although it doesn’t smell, but the voice would make us laugh and feeling gross.

The design of Fanny Bank is using an undressed butt with the “hole” as the insertion point. Because it’s not self-powered, you will need 3 AA batteries to hear the fart out of this Fanny Bank Piggy Bank each time you drop coin in.

So if you don’t want to feel gross when saving your coins, just remove the battery to save your day.

Interested? Get Fanny Bank, the Farting Piggy Bank for just $14.89.

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