Pyramat S3500-W Game Chair for Extra Excitement

If an additional game chair would and some more excitement to our gaming experience, I guess Pyramat S3500-W Game Chair would be for you. Great for serious gamers, this game chair amplifies every crashes, blows and tire screech while plays intense music to set the scene.

Pyramat S3500-W is a multimedia Game Chair which featuring the following ability:

  • Rechargable Battery integrated
  • Wireless Video Game Sound Rocker
  • Speaker with subwoofer integrated
  • 8 channel wireless transmitter – Coreless Audio Enjoyment
  • iPod, MP3, DS Lite, or PSP input available at the right side
  • Multiplayer Connection
  • Weight limit up to 200 lbs

Pyramat S3500-W Game Chair for Gaming Freaks

Unfortunately, there is a weight limit for this game chair. If you are a hyper-obese gamer, you’ll never have the change to enjoy Pyramat S3500-W Game Chair comfortably. You can get Pyramat S3500-W Game chair for only $179.95 at Discovery Channel Store.

Oh, there is a cheap solution for $149.95 only (Pyramat S2500-W), but without rechargable batteries and Multiplayer interface.

(You can pre-order now it will be ship on this June 25th, 2008)

UPDATE: Pyramat S3500-W is not available anymore. However, you can find other alternative such as Pyramat PM420 for the premium quality, or Pyramat S1500w for the basic feature.

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