Wireless Floating Speaker – Pal in Pool

Remember the wireless outdoor 2-speaker system that we talked about a week ago? Basically, wireless floating speaker is using the same technology. The only different is it actually 100% weather resistant and you can float it in water while it gives you a nice tunes of music.

Wireless Floating Speaker

This speaker is designed in a funky bulbous shaped. Won’t electrolyze you even you submerge it in water. This wireless floating speaker also have the same range of 150ft. Means you can put your transceiver far away from the wireless floating speaker (the transceiver is not water resistant).

Just whenever you are, you can hook up your music with it and start enjoying your favorite music. May be in garden, pool, bathtub, almost anywhere without worrying on this weather-resistant gadget.

Just for £39.95 (around $75), you can get this wireless floating speaker tuning your favorite songs while you are having your nice summer shower in your bath tub. :)

Found at GeekAlert

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