Ocean Explorer – RC Submarine

Summer always make your kids contact with water more often then the other seasons. They will dive in bathtubs, or will submerge themselves into the pool (if available) to release the heat of summer, and of course, to have some fun. So, why don’t we add some more fun for your kids with this RC Ocean Explorer?

Ocean Explorer RC Submarine

It’s submarine RC toy which is best for summer uses. It could accompanied your kids in the pool, or even let them have some fun in the bathtub (if no pool available). The powerful twin motors enable your kids to make Ocean Explorer Dive as deep as 6 feet. But I’m sure there is no 6′ deep bathtub! :)

You can take your kids to pool anyway. In a larger area, the can do more tricks with Ocean Explorer.

“The twin motors and fully proportional radio control let even a beginner dive, ascend and execute intricate turn-on-a-dime maneuvers. Three front mounted, high powered exploration lights and built-in red and green tail lights add to the fun.”

But I warn you, although the name is ocean explorer, I suggest you not to let it dive in the ocean! it’s not suitable for salt water since ocean explorer only for fresh water, pools, lakes or fish tanks.

Watch Ocean Explorer Submarine Remote control in action within this video:

Interested in Ocean Explorer? Only for $69.99 (Amazon), you can bring this submarine home and to make your kids happy.

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