Summer’s Coming, The Hot and Cool Begin!

Yay for summer! Summer’s finally come to burn my ass brown. I love summer although I seldom get the change to feel the real summer. Summer means a lot for everyone. Summer mean beach, mean lots of hot chicks, or may be mean hot – real hot days.

summer\'s coming, the hot and cool begin!Image Credit: Christine – Summertime Pugs

So, what the mean for HardwareSphere?! Well, is not about hot dogs anyway… 😉

Since this is the first summer for HS, I guess I’m going to welcoming summer by focusing on “hot and cool” stuffs for summer. what’s pretty obvious is that you are going to stay longer in the water. That’s means I will find stuffs that pretty sure will related to that.

It’s all about Hot and Cool, just like what HardwareSphere means to be. You’ll read lots of summer stuffs for a week. If you love the posts and gadgets, I hope to get some of your summer’s youth support!

Anyway, happy summer holidays and make sure to enjoy the most out of it. 😉

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