20” Electric Schwinn Stingray Bike – Save More Money & Energy

Since the energy running out, lots of people have switch to electric moving vehicle such as an electric bike. Beside it can help us save more money, it also helping us to save our beloved earth.

Schwinn Stingray bike is one of many electric bikes which also do the task of living saving and earth caring.

Basically, Schwinn Stingray bike moves with 2 kind of power, man-powered pedal kicking (just like a normal bike) and dual 12 V lead acid batteries to activate the motor.

Electric Schwinn Stingray Bike

One overnight charge could give you 20Mph and 20 miles, which is pretty sure to save you more money than using gasoline powered vehicle. You can use Schwinn Stingray for close range shopping, or cycling around the beach side to watch some beautiful summer afternoon scenery with your family, or your lover.

Schwinn Stingray only cost you $199.5 to ride it. Find out more customer review and detail information on Amazon.

UPDATE: Schwinn Stingray is no longer available. You can find other alternative that is equally cool at our shopping channel.

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