Bio-Matic Locks – Home Safety While You at Beach

Thieves are skinny. They can slipped through almost anything and steal your precious things and even emptying your save deposit box. You’ll never know anything because you are having your precious summer holidays at a lovely beach.

Once you get home, doors opened things are gone. You’re mad, you’re crying and you’re regretting on the poor secure system of your home.

Why not try to secure your home with some more advance locks to protect your home from thieves?

Introduce you to this Bio-Matic Locks, which is a advance secure lock to secure your door. Bio-Matic Locks using fingerprints as the key to open door. There is 3 ways to unlock this lock:

  • With Fingerprints
  • Enter a PIN Codes, or
  • use a regular metal key

Bio-Matci Locks Advance Door Security with Fingersprints

Yes, the regular metal key still work on this lock. In case you lost your key, you can either use fingerprints or PIN to unlock your door. You also can set more than 78 PINs for each of your family and relatives. Also, Bio-Matic Locks can recognize up to 150 fingerprints. This is pretty much for a large scale family.

4 AA batteries will last for 15,000 entries and there is a low battery warning to ask for replacement. Secure your door now with Bio-Matic Locks for as low as $279.99 per door.


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