Everlast Power Tower – Everlasting Boxing Partner

Feeling like to hit somebody? Or, do you want to harden your fists so you can protect your chick? Or maybe you want to practice skills that you saw in martial art movie?

Fine, you don’t need to use a “real” people as your sparring partner anyway. You can use Everlast Power Tower – the inflatable boxing equipment as your target of madness.

Everlast Power Tower - Evelasting Boxing parter

Everlast Power Tower is actually a water-weighted base punch bag. You don’t need to worry about the water leaking out after you punch like crazy to Everlast Power Tower. It is water leak-proof with have sturdy PVC construction and a rock pillar which will keep coming back standing although you hit it with megaton power.

Punch bag training with the Power Tower is serious exercise, but a whole lot of fun for the whole family. This punch bag is perfect for boxers of all sizes, so the kids can use it to vent their frustration, rather than using each other!

Comes deflated and an easy to use foot pump to inflate Everlast Power Tower. Punching stuffs in summer is sure sound crazy, but it’s a perfect moment to burn more fat and be slimmer after the end of summer.

Only for £16.95 (around $33), you can start pouring your punches to your new, unbeatable sparring partner.

UPDATE: This Power Tower is no longer available. Use Everlast Power Core instead.

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